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Hi Bee, Intellectual
Hi Bee, Intellectual Elitism I would agree in most cases is just another term for spzecaliiation. However, that`s what it is objectively, yet what is being explored here is the subjective perspective of both those looking out and those looking in with the truth of it resting somewhere in between. Personally I don`t believe there is an academic specialty that doesn`t have ability to be practically useful, simply that in many cases it`s not readily apparent how it is either by being obscured by subtlety or resultant of the time it will take to have it found to be practically relevant, either to further discovery, innovation or simply to expand our ability to make better decisions. Also, it should be reminded, that for science in particular, part of the process is the elimination of what is wrong, to have us discover what might be right which can have a null result perceived as being a complete waste of time, while in actuality representing both time and effort that necessarily and unavoidably must be spent. This recognizing that as in the real world, wisdom is found more often in understanding one`s mistakes rather then one`s successes and this also being a bedrock fundamental aspect of science. An other thing being many theorists, while good at making discovery, don`t necessarily have equal or any ability to fully understand and appreciate its implications. I think the most classic example being, when Maxwell wss asked what utility the spectra of electromagnetic waves was outside of the visible, he replied he didn`t believe they would serve to be of much use. Lastly, I would agree this elitism often is a reaction to both a real and perceived vulnerability. However, I`m also a firm believer that it is self defeating, since it actually demonstrates there being a need for a more widened and general understanding, for which isolation being the opposite reaction to that what`s actually required. This in itself should serve to indicate, to those both on the inside and out, that when it`s all boiled down, there are no elite.Best,Phil

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